After Lydia's own experiences enlightened her to the need of labor and postpartum support, she became a certified Doula and Childbirth Educator in 2004. She loves empowering women and unveiling the “secret” of childbirth as noted by Laura Stavoe Harm, “There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that childbirth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” Lydia resides in Malabar, Florida with her husband, Warren and their children. She has four beautiful boys ranging from 5 to 16 years old, and each one of them made their grand entrance differently. Their lives have molded her into the birth and baby advocate that she is today.

She encourages and supports women wanting natural childbirth, but is comfortable working with all mothers-to-be and their ideal birth plan, whether it is a non-medicated birth, medicated birth, or C-section. She does not take the place of the mother’s partner; rather, she assists both of them through the most precious and intimate moment of their lifetime. She will help educate them so that they understand the risks and benefits of each method and can choose the options that best fit into their ideal birth plan. Lydia also applies her unwavering support and encouragement to her postpartum clients; guiding them through the rough spots so they can enjoy the bounty of parenthood.


Lydia is a dedicated professional who draws from her years of experience and education to provide exceptional care to her clients and their partners. To better serve her clientele, Lydia stays up-to-date on practices, policies and interventions, doctors, and midwives standard of care practices, newborn and breastfeeding information, and local resources.

She is passionate about educating parents on their options and empowering them to make educated decisions that are best for them and their growing family. She teaches childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, and sibling classes privately, for Holmes Regional Medical Center, and local care provider’s offices. In addition, she taught in the Teen Parent Program in the local high schools for ten years. She is diligent about staying up to date on current research and studies to better serve her clients.

Lydia is experienced in and supports: unmedicated birth, birth with an epidural, planned cesareans, VBAC, Bradley, Lamaze, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, homebirth, hospital birth, surrogacy, multiples, and many more.

Some of Lydia’s specialties include:

  • Evidence based care practices

  • Current hospital policies & interventions

  • Unlimited phone and text support

  • Involvement in local resources

  • Explaining the risks and benefits of each intervention

  • Newborn and Breastfeeding information