Throughout life we prepare for the things that really matter- school, career, and marriage. Giving birth should be no exception!

Lydia teaches at Holmes Regional Medical Center, local care provider's offices, and is also available to teach individual classes. Come join other expectant parents and learn all about birthing, babies, and breastfeeding during these fun filled classes.

  • Childbirth - Learn about how the labor and birth processes work, how to cope with the challenges of labor, what your pain relief options are, and other labor and birth interventions.

  • Breastfeeding- This class will give you the skills, techniques, and confidence to successfully breastfeed your baby.

  • Baby Care- Newborn babies can pose new obstacles and raise new questions everyday. This class addresses all questions parents have about caring for their baby.

  • Sibling- Introducing a new family member can be a challenge for young children. This class will give you techniques to help your children understand, appreciate, and include their newborn sibling.

  • VBAC Preparation- Along with Childbirth education you will receive pertinent information concerning your trial of labor which will hopefully result in a successful VBAC. This class will thoroughly cover the facts, dispel any misinformation, and help you thoughtfully weigh out the risks and benefits of your options.

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